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VSC Publishes 2023 Annual Report: Leading Flanders into a Future of High-Performance Computing

The Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC) is proud to announce the publication of its 2023 Annual Report. As the importance of computing power continues to surge, it has become indispensable for maintaining competitiveness across numerous domains of science and technology. VSC's mission is to bolster Flanders' innovation potential by providing top-tier services and infrastructure at both regional (Tier-1) and local (Tier-2) levels for research, development, and innovation (RDI) activities across academia, industry, and government sectors. The VSC also monitors the international developments and ensures connection to the European HPC goals.

Strengthening Flanders' Innovation Potential

In a rapidly evolving big data-driven world, staying competitive requires significant computational resources. Recognizing this, VSC is committed to supporting its users' growing needs for computing power. The 2023 strategic plan marks the beginning of a new era for VSC, focusing on future-oriented and sustainable development of Tier-1 infrastructure. This plan is essential for ensuring Flanders remains at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements.

A New Role for VSC

To align with recent developments and international trends, VSC is evolving into a more pivotal role within Flanders. As a virtual and decentralized organization, VSC operates under the supervision of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) and collaborates closely with the five university associations, four of which serve as infrastructure hubs. This collaborative structure ensures a seamless integration of services and infrastructure, benefiting the growing user base. In the newly designed structure, VSC's service points serve as the primary contact for users, each managed by one of the university associations. These associations are responsible for specific VSC-wide services like compute, data, cloud, RDI and training/communication.

Expanding Infrastructure

2023 saw the installation of the second phase of Tier-1 Hortense, equipped with additional CPU and GPU partitions. Following a thorough evaluation, the next Tier-1 location has been decided, with VUB responsible for its acquisition, installation, and operation. The purchasing procedure will commence in January 2024, with the goal of having the new Tier-1 operational by November 2025. This expansion is critical for meeting the increasing demands of VSC's users and maintaining Flanders' competitive edge.

Looking Ahead

The VSC is poised for a challenging and exciting future. With a robust strategic plan and the continuous development of its infrastructure, VSC is well-equipped to support the RDI activities in Flanders. By staying connected to European high-performance computing (HPC) goals and monitoring international developments, VSC ensures that Flanders remains a leader in the global scientific and technological landscape.

The 2023 Annual Report highlights VSC's dedication to innovation, collaboration, and excellence in high-performance computing. As we look to the future, VSC remains committed to empowering its users and driving forward Flanders' scientific and technological advancements.

➡️ For more details, you can access the full report (in Dutch) on the VSC Publication page. The English edition will be available soon.


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