VSC logo mockup

Press Kit

In this page you will find the logos of the VSC | Flemish Supercomputer Center in its different formats and purposes along with the official presentation templates, for any further information on our logos and communication, please contact us at info@vscentrum.be.


The VSC uses the Flanders Art SansFlanders Art Serif family fonts that has been specially developed for the Flemish government. 

You can request the fonts via https://overheid.vlaanderen.be/communicatie/huisstijl

Color Palette



VSC Orange

CMYK: 12/70/94/0
RGB: 219/108/48
HEX: #d96c31

VSC Black

CMYK: 0/0/0/92
RGB: 65/65/57
HEX: #383839

VSC White

CMYK: 0/0/0/5
RGB: 241/241/242
HEX: #f1f2f2

CMYK: 3/94/100/0
RGB: 232/50/35
HEX: #e83223

CMYK: 8/41/99/0
RGB: 232/160/35
HEX: #e8a023

CMYK: 2/53/98/0
RGB: 242/142/36
HEX: #f28e24

CMYK: 0/83/97/0
RGB: 242/82/36
HEX: #f25224

VSC Logos

Vlaanderen is Supercomputing

download logo pack (.zip)


Presentation Template 

VSC Presentation Full Version

download (.potx)

VSC presentation template 1

VSC Presentation Lite Version

download (.potx)

VSC presentation template 1