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VSC logo mockup

Press Kit

In this page you will find the logos of the VSC | Flemish Supercomputer Center in its different formats and purposes along with the official presentation templates, for any further information on our logos and communication, please contact us at


The VSC uses the Flanders Art SansFlanders Art Serif family fonts that has been specially developed for the Flemish government. 

You can request the fonts via

Color Palette



VSC Orange

CMYK: 12/70/94/0
RGB: 219/108/48
HEX: #d96c31

VSC Black

CMYK: 0/0/0/92
RGB: 65/65/57
HEX: #383839

VSC White

CMYK: 0/0/0/5
RGB: 241/241/242
HEX: #f1f2f2

CMYK: 3/94/100/0
RGB: 232/50/35
HEX: #e83223

CMYK: 8/41/99/0
RGB: 232/160/35
HEX: #e8a023

CMYK: 2/53/98/0
RGB: 242/142/36
HEX: #f28e24

CMYK: 0/83/97/0
RGB: 242/82/36
HEX: #f25224

VSC Logos

Vlaanderen is Supercomputing

download logo pack (.zip)


Presentation Template 

VSC Presentation Full Version

download (.potx)

VSC presentation template 1

VSC Presentation Lite Version

download (.potx)

VSC presentation template 1

Virtual Background



Great photography tells the VSC story, conveys the spirit of our services & infrastructure, and compels others to look more closely. A photo is the first thing we see on a page. It can draw us in and fuel our imagination.

When using our photography, it’s important to know when & where to use specific photography styles. 

Please contact us here if you need a different resolution.

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