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Tiering System

In the European model for HPC, a distinction is made between three levels:

  1. Tier-2: the computing capacity that is available at research institutions

  2. Tier-1: the computing capacity that exceeds the capacity of an institution in terms of needs and costs and which is provided at the level of a region or country

  3. Tier-0: the very large-scale computing infrastructure 

Tier-3 includes single computers (your own infrastructure)

Tiering Model Illustration

The VSC focuses mainly on Tier-2 and Tier-1 but also motivates audiences to transfer from Tier-3 to Tier 2. We also support current users of HPC infrastructure to move from Tier 1 towards Tier 0 (e.g., by supporting our users in preparing for PRACE and LUMI project calls). 

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