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VSC Industry Road Tour

As the volume of data available to the health industry grows, so do the opportunities to make ground-breaking medical discoveries and introduce transformational value for patients. Supercomputing has already demonstrated its added value, across the health spectrum from prevention to early diagnosis to finding the best-tailored treatment options and restoring health.

The live networking session themed around health has taken place on June 27th 2022 at Campus Diepenbeek. During the session, Tine Lewi (Janssen R&D) and Liesbet Peeters (UHasselt) have illustrated, via inspiring use cases, how supercomputing can/will play an increasingly important role to accomplish the digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

at Hasselt University

Event Speakers

Below are the recorded speaker's presentations, simply click on the below button to view them. 

Geert Jan Bex

HPC analyst/consultant

at UHasselt & KU Leuven

VSC Team

Introduction to VSC 
and DSI


Tine Lewi
Director Health Information Sciences

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Project Athena


Liesbet Peeters

Assistant professor (docent) biomedical data sciences


High-Computing, Big Data, and AI to transform the care of people with multiple sclerosis


Katrien Achten

Operations Manager 


Introduction to BioVille


Christos Chatzichristos

postdoctoral researcher

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Federated learning for healthcare applications and the role of HPC


Roeland Buckinx 

Health Campus Limburg




Health Campus Limburg


Image Gallery

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