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Tier-1 Cloud



Regularly, our users express the need for a more flexible environment with tailor-made software packages, interactive data analysis tools, workflow portals, data visualization, or specific pre-and post-processing packages.

Our VSC Cloud component meets these requests by enabling ‘on-demand’ resources in a more flexible and cloud-like manner. Based on OpenStack, VSC Cloud offers Infrastructure as a Service capability for power users that can deploy resources such as virtual machines and storage systems, and adapt these to their scientific use case. The VSC Cloud component also offers a number of high-level services through a ready-to-use catalog of templates that makes it easy to set up databases or web servers.


For more information, please reach out to (

For a hands-on guide to the VSC cloud computing platform, check this tutorial.
Industry can contact (

On Demand Resources

Project access Tier-1 Cloud


Project application

Researchers at universities, the Flemish SOCs, and the Flemish public knowledge institutions can apply for Tier-1 Cloud resources. The designated way to get access to Tier-1 for research purposes is through a project application. Applicants do not have to pay a contribution to the cost of resources.


The proposal should include a realistic estimate of the resources needed in the project in your application. You can submit proposals continuously.

The evaluation commission is responsible for the review of the applications, which have to be of outstanding quality.
The preferred language for the proposals is English.


More information and the application form for 2024 can be found in the links below.​


If you need help filling out the application, please consult your local support team via this page

This procedure does not apply to the industry. For more information about access to the industry, please reach out at

Tier-1 Cloud starting grant

If you want to apply for a Tier-1 Cloud project, and you want to prepare for this application, we offer you the opportunity of a free trial of the Tier-1 Cloud resources via a Tier-1 Cloud Starting grant. 

This is the procedure to apply and grant the request for a Tier-1 Cloud Starting grant: 

  1. Download the application form for a starting grant version 2024.

  2. Send the completed application by e-mail to the Tier-1 Cloud contact address (, with your local VSC coordinator in cc.

  3. The request will be judged for its validity by the Tier-1 coordinator.

  4. After approval, the Tier-1 coordinator will give you access and compute time.

  5. If not approved, you will get an answer with a motivation for the decision.

starting grant
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