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Accelerating scientific discovery

Image by National Cancer Institute

AlphaFold has been called one of the biggest breakthroughs in biology and AI, generating new insights and understanding of fundamental processes related to health and disease, with biotechnology, medicine, agriculture, food science, and bioengineering applications.


To accelerate the impact of this development (scientific, medical, and economic) in Flanders, VSC started an AlphaFold community. Specifically, the idea is that VSC acts as a neutral partner, bringing together specialists from different organizations (both academia and industry) so that best practices can be shared. VSC staff will also showcase lessons learned frequently.

If you’re interested in joining the community, please leave your contact details below.


A first presentation ‘Getting started with AlphaFold’ and VIB learning tool can also be found below

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Getting Started with AlphaFold
by Kenneth Hoste
HPC - UGent


Check out the online learning tool on AlphaFold which was created by VIB & VSC

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Running OpenFold on the VSC infrastructure
by Carl Mensch
HPC - VSC & EuroCC Belgium

VSC AlphaFold Event


Sameer Velankar



Janani Durairaj

University of Basel


Ida de Vries


Alphfold event

Join the VSC-AlphaFold Community

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