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Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum

Our organization

The Flemish Supercomputer Center (Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum - VSC) brings together knowhow in scientific and technical computing in Flanders, This centre is managed by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) in a partnership between the five Flemish university associations:

Operational management (steering committee)

Meets monthly to discuss operational issues and set out strategy.


  • AUHA: Annie Cuyt, Stefan Becuwe

  • UAB: Stefan Weckx, Ward Poelmans

  • AUGent: Ewald Pauwels

  • AU-HL: Geert Jan Bex

  • KU Leuven association: Leen Van Rentergem, Jan Ooghe

  • FWO: Caroline Volckaert, Bart van Beek


User committee
Advisory board to consolidate user requirements and improve VSC services

  • AUHA: Wouter Herrebout/Bart Partoens

  • UAB: Frank De Proft/Wim Thiery

  • AUGent: Marie-Françoise Reyniers/Veronique Van Speybroeck

  • AU-HL: Sorin Pop/Sofie Thijs

  • KU Leuven association: Dirk Roose/Nele Moelans

  • VIB: Steven Maere/Frederik Coppens

  • imec: Wilfried Verachtert/ Anne Vandenbossche

  • VITO: Clemens Mensinck/Katrijn Dirix

  • Flanders Make: Mark Engels/Paola Campestrini

  • Industrial board: Benny Westaedt/Mia Vanstraelen


Industrial board
Advisory board to promote and facilitate interaction with Flemish industry

  • Mia Vanstraelen (IBM)

  • Benny Westaedt (Van Havermaet)

  • Marc Engels (Flanders Make)

  • Marcus Drosson (Umicore)

  • Sabien Vulsteke (BASF Agricultural Solutions Belgium)

  • Martine Lewi (J&J)

  • Rudi Lauwereins (imec)

  • Bart Meert (Agoria)


Tier-1 evaluation committee
Evaluates applications for Tier-1 access on technical grounds

  • Walter Lioen, chairman (SURFsara, The Netherlands)

  • Nicole Audiffren (Cines, France)

  • Gavin Pringle (EPCC, UK)

  • Isabelle Dupays (IDRIS, France),

  • Robin Richardson (UCL, IRIS, UK)