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The Flemish Supercomputer Center (Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum - VSC) brings together knowhow in scientific and technical computing in Flanders, This centre is managed by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) in a partnership between the five Flemish university associations:

VSC has new Management Board

In order to optimize the operation of the VSC, to make the VSC organization more vigorous and to meet the (future) needs of a growing number of stakeholders, the FWO board of directors has set up a new Management Board for the VSC on 18 September 2019.

The VSC Management Board may not be limited to current users so the new Strategic Management Board is composed of representatives from universities, strategic research centers, Flemish scientific organizations and from the industry. Peter Michielse, CTO of SURFsara BV, the Dutch HPC and big data center is chairing the meetings.

The VSC is working hard on expanding its service (with a cloud and a data component in addition to computing power) and must be ready for new challenges that extend beyond the limits of the current VSC offering. 

High End Computing Board Flanders

  • Peter Michielse (chair)

  • UGent: Johan Van Camp | Substitute: Danny Schellemans

  • UAntwerpen: Annie Cuyt | Substitute: Wouter Herrebout

  • KU Leuven: Leen Van Rentergem | Substitute: Annemie Depuydt

  • VUB: Stefan Weckx | Substitute: Frank De Proft

  • UHasselt: Niel Hens | Substitute: Jan Aerts

  • SOC: Rinaldo Beck (VIB) | Substitute: Wilfried Verachtert (imec)

  • VWI: Frederik Leliaert (Plantentuin Meise) | Substitute: Steven Dessein (Plantentuin Meise)

  • Representative Board of Directors FWO: An Van de Vel (Umicore)

  • Representative Industrial Board: Mia Vanstraelen

  • Observers: Michele Oleo (EWI) and Hans Willems (FWO)

VSC operational team (OT)

User committee
Advisory board to consolidate user requirements and improve VSC services

  • Kurt De Grave | Flanders Make

  • Jan Goedgebeur | UGent

  • Álvaro Cortés Calabuig | KU Leuven/UZ Leuven Genomics Core

  • Hans De Winter | UAntwerpen

  • Jochen Schütz | UHasselt

  • Catharina Olsen | UZ Brussel

  • Francisco Tjess Hernandez | VLIZ

  • Frederik Coppens | VIB - UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology

  • Hossein Ghorbanfekr | VITO

  • Nele Moelans | KU Leuven

  • Lander Willem | UAntwerpen


Industrial board
Advisory board to promote and facilitate interaction with Flemish industry

  • Mia Vanstraelen (TheBrainGroup)

  • Benny Westaedt (Van Havermaet)

  • Marc Engels (Flanders Make)

  • Marcus Drosson (Umicore)

  • Sabien Vulsteke (BASF Agricultural Solutions Belgium)

  • Martine Lewi (J&J)

  • Rudi Lauwereins (imec)

  • Bart Meert (Agoria)


Tier-1 evaluation committee
Evaluates applications for Tier-1 access on technical grounds

  • Walter Lioen, chairman (SURFsara, The Netherlands)

  • Nicole Audiffren (Cines, France)

  • Gavin Pringle (EPCC, UK)

  • Isabelle Dupays (IDRIS, France),

  • Robin Richardson (UCL, IRIS, UK)



Tel: +32 (0) 2 512 91 10

Egmontstraat 5

1000 Brussel


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