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The true promise of HPC for AI

VSC, together with EuroCC Belgium, organised on November 8, 2021 a first session of their Industry Road Tour. Aleksi Kallio, AI specialist at LUMI, gave the keynote presentation to an enthusiastic group of AI specialists.

In this talk a will first introduce HPC: why it is not only about raw computing power. Uptake of HPC systems in the company world has been limited but that is likely to change with more digital product development and data driven decision making. HPC could play an important role in the future of AI development and provide a competitive edge for the adopters. I will discuss potential use cases in large-scale foundational machine learning models, reinforcement learning for robotics, and more.

Bio: Dr. Aleksi Kallio (picture on the right) works as the development manager of AI and data analytics at CSC - IT Center for Science. CSC is the Finnish center for supercomputing and will be hosting the EuroHPC LUMI flagship computing facility. He is a software architect turned into data scientist, with research background spanning data mining and machine learning on diverse application areas. His team is currently developing the AI computing environments at CSC and reaching out to AI companies to bridge the gap between HPC and AI.

Watch his recorded presentation:


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