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We are at the #DVDW2023

Join us on a journey of innovation as we showcase three groundbreaking use cases, spotlighting Belgium's tech excellence! 🇧🇪💡

1️⃣ Discover the Future of Green Energy and Supercomputing! On Science Day, we welcome the Innoptus Solar Team to UHasselt, and you have the chance to admire their fantastic solar car at the Agora. Register here

2️⃣ At the Ghent University Museum, we unveil the power of advanced climate models! VSC supercomputers are mapping climate changes at lightning speed. The more powerful the computers, the quicker we decode the secrets of our atmosphere. Register here

3️⃣ How our supercomputers are breaking barriers by simulating promising hypotheses, slashing the need for time-consuming experiments. From developing new recycling processes to crafting bio-degradable plastics, we're accelerating the journey towards sustainable alternatives., visit us at The UFO Ghent University, Register here


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