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Tier-1 Data Launch Event

More and more VSC users have computational tasks that depend on large datasets. To support and enable data management, a central place to store data safely and tools to make it accessible, findable, and reusable are needed.

The VSC Tier-1 Data component enables researchers to store data close to the computing infrastructure during the active phase of the data life cycle. And it offers them tools to annotate it with metadata to contextualize them and make them findable Tier-1 Data also provides tools for automating data workflows, helping to reduce manual work and mistakes.

 Researchers can interact with the system via different interfaces: a web portal, a command-line interface, and a Python client, making it easy to be used by users with different needs and expertise and to be integrated into existing data workflows.

After two years in the pilot phase, the Tier-1 Data component started its production phase end of March. In this session, we will present the Tier-1 Data component’s functionalities and demonstrate how the platform can help researchers to apply best practices in data management.

The next Tier-1 project call on June 5 will be the first to include Tier-1 Data projects. The service regulations and the procedure to request access will also be explained.


Tuesday 9 May 2023, from 12:00 to 13:30.


This meeting will be online; you will receive an invitation for a Teams meeting one day before the session.


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