Tier-1 Cloud Launch Event


Paving the way for high-level services


On May 20th, VSC launched its Tier-1 Cloud component. Academic and industrial researchers experience a growing demand for resources that enable flexible data processing, easier access to data and customized user environments. The VSC Tier-1 Cloud component meets these requirements by enabling ‘on-demand’ resources in a more flexible and cloud-like manner. Practical information how to apply for access to this new component can be found via the cloud page.


Event Presenters

Image by Dollar Gill

Frederik Coppens
VIB - UGent
Center for Plant Systems Biology

Case VIB | ELIXIR Belgium

Klaas Deneudt
VLIZ - Flanders Marine Institute

Case Lifewatch

Image by Dollar Gill

Álvaro Simón Garcia
VSC | UGent

VSC Tier-1 Cloud explained by the VSC Tier-1 Operational Team


Engelbert Tijskens
VSC | UAntwerpen

Details on the VSC Tier-1 Cloud open call for projects

Ingrid Barcena Roig
VSC | KU Leuven

Introduction of the VSC Tier-1 Data component