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The range of services that the VSC supplies is built on four pillars:

  1. Consultancy

  2. Research collaboration

  3. Training

  4. Support


The VSC experts can analyze your specific needs and examine how supercomputing can offer added value. In a free intake interview, we explore how you can benefit from our services and which services in the VSC portfolio best satisfy your needs. We guide and support you when using our services.  We can also help you with the optimization or parallelization of your code and the optimization of your workflow. Helping you with storage solutions is also an option.
For more information contact us via

​Research collaboration

As an HPC contact, we can channel the question from a company for research collaboration (e.g., in the context of an R&D project).

Within the network, we can connect companies with suitable top-level research partners in the Flemish academic research and act as an intermediary.
For more information contact us via

The VSC regularly organizes training events (most training courses are intermediate to advanced level). Topics include Linux, (parallel) programming languages and paradigms, code optimization, but also application-driven training such as materials science, computational fluid dynamics, etc. Customized end-user training can also be provided.
You can find all information about our training courses here.

When using the state-of-the-art supercomputing infrastructure available within the VSC network, you receive step-by-step support for starting computational tasks.  A help desk is ready to solve your questions and assist you in the installation of specific software.
Need help optimizing your code or software? We look forward to helping you! 


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