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VSC Lunch Session on Quantum Computing

VSC is organizing another Lunch Session. This two-hour online session is scheduled during lunchtime hours and includes multiple use cases plus a Q&A from the audience.

During this session, the topic is Quantum Computing, i.e. a rapidly-emerging technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for classical computers.


  • 12h00 – Welcome by Francisco Hernandez – chair of the VSC User Council

  • 12h05 – Dr. Ariana Torres - Surf - Lead quantum computing activities

  • 12h35 – Dr. Mikael Johansson - LUMI-Q / CSC - IT Center for Science - Manager Quantum Technologies

  • 13h05 – Dr. Koen Groenland - QuSoft / Quantum.Amsterdam / UvA - Innovation Officer

  • 13h35 - Q&A

  • 13h45 - End


Portrait image of event speakers

Ariana - Quantum computers: What? When? How?

The knowledge and technological developments in quantum computing have increased impressively over the last few years. With these advances, more and more we wonder: what are quantum computers? What can we do with them? When should we expect them? How do they work, and how can we access them?

The aim of this talk is to share some basic concepts and ideas behind quantum computing and give a brief overview of the current landscape in the field.

Mikael- LUMI-Q: Advantage through a Cross-Coupled Network of Quantum Computers and HPC

Quantum computers have already changed the way we think of high-performance computing. Next, they will change the way we actually do HPC. This requires that HPC centers and end-users alike adapt to a computing paradigm that is very different from what we are familiar with. The road leading to quantum advantage is one that needs to be taken together

Koen - What will we use Quantum Computers for?

Imagine that, perhaps eight years from now, you will have access to a large-scale, error-free quantum computer. What will you use this for? Is it even useful to you? I will zoom into the most impactful use cases of quantum computers, and show some pioneering test projects done by scientists and companies.

This event is relevant for scientific and industrial researchers, HPC and quantum computing enthusiasts, and governmental officials. Participation is free, but registration is mandatory.


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