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Earth Day 2023

Each year, we celebrate this annual event on April 22 by demonstrating our support for environmental protection. At VSC, we take pride in helping to shape a more sustainable world. With our high-performance computing infrastructure, we're able to contribute to important efforts to combat climate change.

From warning of extreme weather to helping communities plan for and reduce the impacts of climate change, our supercomputers are at the forefront of tackling this urgent global challenge.

Let's all do our part to protect our planet and create a better world for future generations.

Check out our Success Stories to learn more about the role of our HPC infrastructure in creating a more sustainable future.

✅ Wim Thiery, VUB | Climate Change

✅ Nicole van Lipzig, KU Leuven | Urban Climate

✅ Jonas Bekaert, UAntwerpen | Future Energy Solutions

✅ Lesley De Cruz, KMI | Climate of Central-Asia

✅ Rozemien De Troch, KMI | Regional Climate Change



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