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The first call for the Belgian fraction of the LUMI compute time is open till 22 April 2022, 23.59 h.

โœ”The GPU partition is not available for this call!

โœ”The application form is available here

โœ”Regular access: 5-10 million CPU core hours, up to 12 months

Preparatory access (development or benchmark): 500.000 CPU core hours, up to 6 months

โ“Questions and the application form should be sent to

โœ”The LUMI-G early access platform (EAP), consisting of AMD MI100, the previous generation of AMD GPUs compared to those that the LUMI-G will use, will become available in the coming weeks. ๐Ÿ”ดPlease contact the above email address if you would be interested.

โœ”More info:


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