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Covid-19 Academic and Industry Research Special Project Call

A number of research groups in Flanders are actively working to fight the COVID-19 epidemic in different ways. Also, an important number of companies have groundbreaking ideas on this topic. VSC, the Flemish Supercomputer Center, as an HPC resource center, wants to support these efforts by opening a special call for accessing computing resources on the VSC HPC infrastructure for Flemish research.


Compute capacity on the Tier-1 system (BrENIAC) can be reserved for specifically COVID-19 related research. Capacity at the Tier-2 infrastructure at university level can also be made available. Applications can be submitted at any time and will be validated by FWO.


To apply please send an e-mail to: with the following information:

  • Short description of the work to be done (max. 300 words) 

  • Information of the software package(s) that will be used

  • Short overview of your HPC experience

  • Description of the compute resources needed:

    • Preferred environment (Tier-1 or a specific Tier-2, mention which one)

    • Maximum number of simultaneous nodes to be used 

    • The estimated memory use of a computing task

    • The requirements for disk storage 

    • Approximate number of total node days. One node day on Tier-1 is the equivalent of using a full node (28 cores) during 24 hours. 


Information about the hardware characteristics of the VSC Infrastructure can be found in the following link. 


If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us: 


Read it in Dutch here

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