A short introduction into Python Python is an all-round programming language that has applications in many domains. This training session introduces the programming language to participants who have programming experience with other programming languages such as R, MATLAB, C/C++ or Fortran.

  • Getting to know the environment

    • User environment

    • Command line

    • Spyder

    • Notebook

  • Basic syntax

  • Variables

  • Operators

  • Built-in atomic Data types

  • Data structures

    • Lists

    • Tuples

    • Sets

    • Dictionaries

  • Flow control

  • Basic flow control commands

    • Functions

    • basic IO


Get a first taste of the Python Programming environment and the very basics.


Check the doc folder, this folder contains:

  • narrative powerpoints

  • screencasts of Python code / notebooks focusing on different aspects covered in the powerpoints

  • PDF of the slides