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Europe is heavily investing in HPC via the EuroHPC program.

Europe is heavily investing in HPC via the EuroHPC program. 

The first pillar is about infrastructure. Three pre-exascale and five petascale machines will be partly funded by EU.

Belgium is one of the partners in the LUMI consortium, coordinated by CSC Finland. CSC will host the consortium’s pre-exascale machine. 

More info can be found on

The second pillar is about Research and Innovation. 

The first call, "Towards Extreme Scale Technologies and Applications", consists of three topics: Extreme scale computing and data driven technologies; HPC and data centric environments and application platforms; EuroHPC-03-2019: Industrial software codes for extreme scale computing environments and applications. More info on the H2020 website (deadline: 14 January 2020). 

The second call, "Innovating and Widening the HPC use and skills base", consists of two topics: HPC Competence Centres; Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs. More info on the  H2020 website (deadline: 14 November 2019). 

Please contact us if you would be interested in participating in one of these calls.

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