get to know the MATLAB environment and the very basic manipulation to become a MATLAB pro.


First steps into MATLAB Desktop This course will give a short practical summary of the basic things one needs when the MATLAB desktop:

  • Setting the scene

  • Introducing the Desktop: the different windows, the Help system, basic manipulations

  • Arrays: creating arrays, indexing arrays, operations on arrays

  • Logical operations

  • m-file: MATLAB script basics

  • MATLAB Live Editor

  • High level I/O: import data wizard, save and load commands

  • Creating interactively graphics in MATLAB

  • super short introduction in numerics





Get started and feel comfortable in the MATLAB Desktop environment. Focus is on using it in an interactive way, as a 'super calculator'



Check the doc folder, this folder contains:

  • narrative powerpoints

  • screencasts of MATLAB Desktop focusing on different aspects covered in the powerpoints

  • PDF of the slides