About the Event

This course will give a short practical summary of the basic things one needs when using mainly the command line in Linux:

  • Overview and distributions

  • How to start working with Linux

  • Short introduction to Graphical User Interface

  • Command line basics: getting help, useful commands

  • Linux File System: navigating, file paths, file manipulation, disk space, archiving

  • Text editing

  • Groups, users, security: access rights

  • Process control

  • This course provides several hands-on sessions

Target audience

This course is primarily targeted at researchers that would like/need to use Linux system for scientific purpose, e.g. VSC-users, although other interested parties are welcome as well.

Results & Objectives
  • Understanding basics of Linux system philosophy

  • Editing and displaying files in command line environment and in GUI

  • Use of basic command line commands

  • Getting familiar with navigating the Linux File System, checking disk usage, manipulating and archiving files and directories

  • Understanding the concept of access rights and the ways to grant different rights to other users

  • Learning the ways to control processes



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