Tech talks on scientific computing

Venue: Multimediaroom, campus de Sterre S9, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent
Price: free

Thanks to the FOSDEM open source event in Brussels, we have been able to invite several international speakers to give a technical talk on a variety of topics, related to scientific computing.

Intended audience is system administrators and researchers, as well as anyone interested in the covered topics.

  • Towards self-managed, re-configurable streaming dataflow systems (Vasia Kalavri, ETH Zürich)
  • The convergence of HPC and BigData - What does it mean for HPC sysadmins? (Damien François, UC Louvain)
  • HPC on OpenStack (Petar Forai, IMP (Vienna))
  • System Administration at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (John F. Dey,
  • ReFrame: A Regression Testing and Continuous Integration Framework for HPC systems (Vasileios Karakasis, CSCS)
  • Quantum Computing (Tomas Babej, ProteinQure Inc. (Canada)) [TO BE CONFIRMED!]

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