GPU Lunchbox session

29th of Janury 2019: 12h -14h
Venue: ICTS opleidingscentrum A, W. de Croylaan 52a, 3001 Heverlee
Price: Free
End registration: 09.01.2019
Registrations closed

29th of Janury 2019: 12h -14h

sandwich at 12:00 and presentation 12:30-14:00

Using AI Frameworks on the Genius Cluster

During this session the following topics will be covered:
- we introduce the GPU partition on Genius
- how to allocate a device(s) for AI trainings
- how to prepare the optimal software environment
- how to use the JupyterHub to interact directly with GPUs
. You can try to use several available Jupyter Notebooks that employ various AI training networks on our GPU nodes.

This session is full. An extra session is organised on 31st of January.


This session is only relevant to users of the infrastructure mentioned above.

Registrations closed