Data Science in Practice

14-15.09.2017, 09:00-17:00h
Venue: Department of Computer Science (Celestijnenlaan 200A, Heverlee), room 00.124
Price: taff or PhD students, KU Leuven or Association KU Leuven: EUR 100; PhD students, non-KU Leuven: EUR 100; Non profit/social sector: EUR 300; Private sector: EUR 600
End registration: 24.08.2017
  • 14.09.2015, 09:00-17:00h
  • 15.09.2015, 09:00-16:00h

The course provides a gentle introduction to data science for professionals who need to analyze data themselves, interpret results obtained using data science techniques, or give guidance to data analysts. The course introduces the principles, techniques and methodology of data science. It provides the attendants with an overview of the wide variety of data science techniques available, insight in which techniques are useful for what kind of tasks, expertise with practical data science tools, and real-life case studies.


The target audience of this course consists of professionals who experience a need for a better understanding of data science: which tasks can be solved, which techniques can be used, which are their strengths and weaknesses.