Getting compute time in other centres

  • PRACE - Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe has a program to get access to the tier-0 infrastructure in Europe.
  • HPC-Europa2 was the second phase of a program that gave the opportunity for a collaborative visit (up to three months) to a research center associated with some of Europe's leading HPC centres. Besides the opportunity to work closely with scientists of one of those institutions, the program also offered access to the infrastructure of the associated HPC centre and HPC consultancy from experienced staff. The funding covered travel costs, subsistence expenses and accommodation. The program is now applying for a renewal (HPC-Europa3) so keep an eye on the web site for possible future calls.
  • The DOE leadership computing program INCITE also offers compute time to non-US-groups. It is more or less the equivalent of the PRACE tier-0 computing program. The annual deadline for proposals is usually end of June.

Training programs in other centres

EU initiatives

Some grid efforts

  • WLCG - World-wide LHC Computing Grid, the compute grid supporting the Large Hedron Collider at Cern
  • The XSEDE program in the US which combines a large spectrum of resources across the USA in a single virtual infrastructure
  • The Open Science Grid (OSG) is a grid focused on high throughput computing in the US and one of the resource providers in the XSEDE project

Some HPC centres in Europe