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The application
Researchers at universities, the Flemish SOCs and the Flemish public knowledge institutions can apply for Tier-1 compute time. The designated way to get access to the Tier-1 for research purposes is through a project application. Applicants do not have to pay a contribution in the cost of compute time and storage. This procedure is not applicable for industry.
The proposal should include a realistic estimate of the compute time needed in the project in your application. These estimations can best be endorsed by Tier-1 benchmarks. To be able to perform these tests for new codes, you can request a starting grant through a short and quick procedure.
You can submit proposals continuously, but they will be gathered, evaluated and resources allocated at a number of cut-off dates. There are 3 cut-off dates in 2020:

  • February 3, 2020

  • June 15, 2020 (due to COVID-19 crisis)

  • October 5, 2020

Proposals submitted since the last cut-off and before each of these dates are reviewed together.
The evaluation commission is responsible for the review of the applications, which have to be of outstanding quality. Because of the international composition of the evaluation commission, the preferred language for the proposals is English. If a proposal is in Dutch, you must also sent an English translation. Please have a look at the documentation of standard terms like: CPU, core, node-hour, memory, storage, and use these consistently in the proposal.
The adjusted Regulations for 2020 can be found in the links below.

If you need help to fill out the application, please consult your local support team.

​Tier-1 starting grant

We offer you the opportunity of a free trial of the Tier-1 to prepare a future regular Tier-1 project application. You can test if your software runs well on the Tier-1 and do the scalability tests that are required for a project application.

If you want to check if buying compute time on our infrastructure is an option, we offer a very similar free programme for a test ride.

Characteristics of a Starting Grant

  • The maximum amount is 500 nodedays.

  • The maximal allowed period to use the compute time is 4 months.

  • The allocation is personal and can't be transferred or shared with other researchers.

  • Requests can be done at any time, there are no cutoff days.

  • The use of this compute time is free of charge.


Procedure to apply and grant the request

  1. Download the application form for a starting grant version 2020 (docx, 31 kB).

  2. Send the completed application by e-mail to the Tier-1 contact address (hpcinfo@kuleuven.be), with your local VSC coordinator in cc.

  3. The request will be judged for its validity by the Tier-1 coordinator.

  4. After approval the Tier-1 coordinator will give you access and compute time.

  5. If not approved, you will get an answer with a motivation for the decision.

  6. The granted requests are published on the VSC website. Therefore you need to provide a short abstract in the application.



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